Wednesday, June 24, 2009

a sunny break

If you live anywhere in the northeast your weather report for the last ten days and the next two (at least) would include the terms "chance of showers", "patchy fog", "thunderstorms" and "rain". I think there's mold growing behind my ears. The rain is a good thing, neighboring towns have already posted water bans, but even this die-hard New Englander is wishing for sun. If it's raining where you are as well here's a little sunny tour of the North Shore on a day when the stars align and we have sun, good clean surf and a whole day with no commitments. My perfect day:

Head over to Gloucester and paddle out for a dawn session at Long Beach or Good Harbor before the life guards make us surfers get out of the water:
Take a hike out to Halibut Point State Park to poke around in the tidepools:

Pack a picnic lunch and drive over to Crane Beach and do some shorebird watching:

Walk along the beach to the base of Steep Hill :

Take a moment to admire the sailboats heading in and out of Plum Island Sound:

Continue the walk around the back of Cedar Point and along the marshes of the Ipswich River:

Stop at Russell Orchards on the way home to visit Big Boy (last weigh 1,100 pounds!) and eat cider donuts, yum!:

Then rinse off all that salt water in Hood's Pond before heading home at the end of a long, sunny day:

I hope the sun is out where you are, and I really hope the sun comes out where I am soon! For more sunny photos of the north shore of Massachusetts visit My beautiful piece of the world.


  1. Wonderful post. I love the ocean. I miss is so much. It is one of those places that just makes me say ahhhh! It is a feeling unlike any other.

    I think I could bypass big boy though. Love the baby photo.

    BTW I wish I could send you some of my hot roasting 95 degree sun. I would love some rain.

  2. Very pretty indeed. You apparently have our rain, been 5 weeks without a drop and over 90 degrees, am roasting!


  3. Rae: I once stood on the shores of Lake Michigan with a woman in her 30s. I said that it was weird to see so much water but not smell the ocean. She said "what does the ocean smell like?" I nearly cried. I'm glad my kid gets to grow up near it (that's her in the baby photo :)

    Topiary: you can keep your 90 degree weather in the south, I hope someone remembers to give you a bit of shade and some water :)

  4. lovely photos! I love the one with the sailboat and that pig! hehehe

    It finally got sunny here this week. I think its because my house exterior is almost finished being painted! lol The poor guys have been fitting in hours between down pours!

  5. Very nice photos.

    Still waiting for the sun here.


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