Wednesday, May 4, 2011

First milk jug greenhouse salad of the year

The milk jug greenhouses Lizzie and I planted back in early March are finally ready for their first hair cut. The black seeded Stimpson lettuce has been growing for about 6 weeks now and I just harvested these two jugs for our first salad. This is a full six weeks before salad greens start coming in from our local farm CSA share.

These are so easy to do and care for, for directions see this this earlier post. If you have a toddler who drinks two gallons of milk a week you pretty much have everything you need to get started. I wish I knew about these last fall so we could have been eating home grown salad all winter long. From what I've read, you can leave them out in the snow on a sunny day. Mine stayed on an unheated, but glassed-in, porch even on nights with temps in the teens and the salad grew just fine. I've also grown spinach, collards and a leaf lettuce mix. Can't wait for dinner time!