Thursday, March 19, 2009

My beautiful piece of the world

During a recent flip through my iphoto library I realized (not for the first time) how unbelievably beautiful my little town is. Enjoy:

Southern tip of
Plum Island

Hood's Pond

Low tide at
Pavilion Beach

Cows at
Appleton Farms

footbridge over the
Ipswich River in
Bradley-Palmer state park

Lobster boats at the
Town Landing

Sunset over the farms
on Rt. 133

Marshes near
Great Neck

Beach grass at Crane Beach


  1. We really are lucky aren't we? Ah, Ipswich, a blessed and happy place.

  2. My sister lives near Topsfield and we have visited Plum and Cranes several times.
    Beautiful spots!!!

  3. Yes we are very lucky. Living here is like being on vacation every day. Matthew: I'm glad you've had a chance to visit!


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