Saturday, June 6, 2009

Food Inc. - a movie to watch

Last night on PBS I caught about 15 minutes of an interview with Robert Kenner, the producer/director of the new documentary Food Inc.

Two key points really caught my attention:

1) Even if you never eat at a fast food restaurant the fast food industry controls what you eat. WHAT? Yes, McDonald's is the nation's largest purchaser of beef, potatoes, lettuce and tomatoes. So basically they control the production of almost the entire nation's production of these food products. One more reason to buy local and buy organic.

2) One third of Americans born after 2000 will be diagnosed with diabetes. One of the reasons being lower income Americans can't afford to buy healthful food. When the choice is $2.29 for six bananas or $1.29 for a two liter bottle of Coke too many people are opting for the soda.

I only caught 15 minutes of the interview but I did spend some time checking out the movie's website ( and there are so many more frightening facts. Plus you can sign the petition to assure healthy food choices in school.

The movie opens up in limited cities June 12th. To see if a screening is scheduled in your area click here.


  1. Those are some very frightening facts, I'm going over to take a look at the website and I will sign the petition. There is way too much junk food out there.

    I think we will do two months of the farmers market, this month and again in July so you and I will have more to show. If it goes over really well might do another one late summer or early fall. This is going to be fun. I love the local honey also.


  2. I think you contribute to World Ocean Day everyday. The job you do is so important. I love the oceans.

    I made some lemonade, come to my Lemonade Stand and pick up the award I have for you.

  3. Cow resolving never to eat potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce or beef....

    Sounds like an interesting movie.


  4. Lucky for Cow potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce and beef aren't usually found in the typical cow pasture :) SQ: thanks for signing the petition and for the award! -kate


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