Thursday, June 11, 2009

Island paradise of Palau to accept Chinese dissidents from Guantanamo Bay

I salute you tropical island nation of Palau. You have graciously offered to give a permanent home to 17 Chinese Muslim dissidents currently imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay. These men, the Uighurs, pose no threat to the United States, and yet we won't allow them on our soil. If they return to China they will be imprisoned and tortured.

So thank you island nation of Palau, you'll be giving men who've spent six years behind bars a second chance on life, a safe place to live and a much better view. If this is how you treat complete strangers I sure hope to visit your nation some day. My country could learn something from your country.


  1. Wonderful thoughts and words. I totally agree.

  2. Boy if that is prison it's better than where I pay to live!



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