Friday, July 31, 2009

Fears of the future

This weekend I enter my mid 30s. And even though I am aging, my knees hurt in the mornings and my ten-month-old wears me out so fast, I have so much to be happy about. I am really in a good place as I near the mid point of my life. I have everything I've ever wanted. Yet I can't get over the fact that I worry about my daughter's future. And I worry all the time, and it's not just how will she pay for college or how many times her little heart will get broken. It's bigger than that.

Was it a good idea to bring a little life into this world? As I rocked my daughter to sleep for her morning nap and she clung to me like a little koala bear all snuggling into my chest I started to cry. If I'm lucky I will not live long enough to see the real horrors that will result from how our species has wrecked this planet. But she probably will. I try not to think of the super storms, floods, famines, droughts and plagues that will inevitably occur. I can't stand to think of her suffering. But unless our species makes huge changes, and makes them fast, all our children will suffer.

So as part of my blog makeover I have added to my sidebar shortcuts to my easy green living tips. They are small changes in lifestyle, very small, such as unplug your wall warts (the bulky chargers like the one attached to my lap top). Simple, easy, saves a ton of electricity. Or go organic on your property, it will keep hormones from pesticides out of the environment keeping future generations of children safe.

So for all the children you know, all the children in the world, give them a safe future. Please. It's time we stop whining about how we can't do without that AC turned on high, or our SUV that gets 14 MPG that we need to buy because we just had a child, or the fact that you must spray your lawn with chemicals to kill that one dandelion. It's not worth it. There's too much at stake.


  1. First, Kate, a wonderful new look for your site. I see you spent a lot of time working on your "links for easy tips" pages. I'll check them all out (I already looked at "eat locally").

    I know that you are afraid for your baby. Anyone who is a thinking person is. But I believe if we raise our children right, that's where we have a chance. If the children rise up, nothing can stop them. You are one part of the new movement; your daughter will be the next.

    The truth of it is, upheaval and change has been going on in the world forever. The biggest problem we have now is the sheer number of people worldwide, and how it's growing exponentially. But it can also be a benefit if each person takes responsibility for the planet.

    You've made a beginning. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Kate,
    You are an excellent example of the way to do things right. I wish more people would be like you. I am always impressed with your dedication to saving our planet.

    I am trying to do my part, but sometimes I wonder if it is enough. I worry too about the futures of my grandchildren. I want them to live in a clean and green world.

    Making a change starts with one voice and you are doing that here. People are reading your words and listening!!!

  3. Wonderful blog Kate, it shows you how much you are concern about the next generation, which they will inherit from us. If only, each of us could do something to conserve Mother Nature, then probably our children would have a very bright and safe future. Maybe one way is to teach our children at an early age the importance of our natural resources and show them ways how to conserve them.

    And I am with you when it comes to that part.


  4. I think it will all work out, at least I hope it does. People as dedicated as you are slowly tipping the scales. Hopefully it will be in time. My daughter has got me to change so many things because, really, why wouldn't you do such simple things if collectively they can make such a big difference.

  5. Thanks for reading everyone! When I started my career at the Aquarium I work at I was an environmental educator. I thought that was the best way to change the world: one kid at a time. I miss it, and perhaps that is my next career move.

    You are all right that children are going to be the saviors of our planet, most of the adults just don't seem to care enough. I'm glad my readers do! It gives me hope :)


  6. Kate, your blog really hits home. I too worry about what my children will face in the future.
    Your dear daughter has a wonderful, caring mother - an inspiration to us all. Every step we take to better this world will make a difference. Since following your blog, I have learned so much. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge. There's hope for our wee ones yet. Don't lose hope my friend!
    Hugsss, Susan

  7. Susan: It is really nice to hear that my words have meant something to someone. And I am even more glad that you've learned something! Every little step does count. Every person does count. Thanks for the hugs, they mean a lot!

    I'll get back to reading everyone's blogs soon! It was a busy weekend of being outdoors while we had some sun! A rare thing in New England these days.

  8. First of all--HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!
    I used to hate birthdays, but now I love them. I can't wait to turn 33. Each birthday reminds me that I get another chance--every day actually. I am thankful for you Kate. I am thankful for your mind, your thoughtfulness, and your willingness to share what is on your mind.
    A bit of good news...environmental literacy in early education is mushrooming--like--exploding. I read a story (Diary of a Worm) to the sweetest little second graders in the projects in the South End. And they knew ALL ABOUT worms. It made my heart soar. Have you heard of Joanna Macy? Check her out if you haven't...
    I have done her activity "Council of All Beings" with middle schoolers and Aquarium teens...

  9. Happy birthday, I hope you had it was enjoyable for you. I can see where your sadness comes from regarding your little one. I would feel the same way. We use no pesticides on our farm and we've not sold off, timbered or developed any of the land. I worry about the future of our planet and I hope with all my might people like you will teach their children about the importance of saving our planet. Beautifully written entry.

  10. Kate,
    A very beautiful post, I think you are right to be concerned for your daughter's future. But hopefully all of us together can make enough of a difference to give her generation a fighting chance. And if we can educate the coming generations maybe they can correct some of the mistakes of the past.
    A belated Happy Birthday, mine was last week as well.

  11. Sunnye: thanks! I will check out that site soon! When I finally need a break from Fishes perhaps I shall come work for you. I really miss teaching, I felt like I was actually making a difference...

    Lisa: I am so grateful to hear about your land. That is wonderful! I wish there more more landowners like you on this planet. I don't get how someone can see a beautiful piece of land and think "let's develop that!" bravo for you and your family!

    SQ: Happy B-day to you too! Leos rock! Thank you for making a difference with me, I feel more hopeful already reading everyone's comments.

    thanks for visiting everyone! -kate

  12. I am right there with you. I have two grandchildren and often have the same thoughts. I also mourn for the countless species of plants and animals that we are losing. Thank you for your blog and side bar info. Blogger power! might make a difference!

  13. Trillium, thanks for your comment, it's comforting knowing there are people out there who are also so concerned and doing something about it! I hope you visit again! -Kate


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