Thursday, July 23, 2009

Favorite photo challenge: thanks for playing!

When I issued my Favorite Photo Challenge a few days ago I never dreamed how much fun I would have and how much I would learn about some of my followers. The stories behind the photos posted on the following blogs are really worth a read:

DJan at D-Jan-ity: camping solo in Peru

Rae at Weather Vane : a beach pre-911

Squirrel Queen at Through Squirrel's Eyes : camp games with the whole world

AL at Caramel Macchiato : a photo illusion

Susan at Ripples of Kindness : children and wildlife

Thanks to the above fabulous bloggers for taking the challenge! -kate


  1. You are welcome! And I love your blog, thank you so much for joining my world. I am enriched by your blogs, so I hope I can offer the same to you! Isn't the blogosphere great?

  2. DJan, yes, the blogosphere is fantastic! Never thought it would be a place to find new like-minded friends! thanks for reading/following and for your kind words. Your blog is quite enriching as well! although I think I will admire your skydiving accomplishments with my feet on the ground, you are amazing!! :)

  3. Perhaps you'll prefer not to display it on your nice blog page, but I have an award for you at my site, simply to show how much I appreciate you.


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