Thursday, September 3, 2009

Going offline

Later tonight I'm heading to Cape Cod with my family for two weeks of hanging out at the beach, napping, doing a little bit of surfing, and most definitely allowing my husband to do A LOT of surfing. Unfortunately, my vacation will be interrupted by three days of work I have committed to over the Labor Day holiday and the following weekend. But it's OK, I only have twelve days of work left and then I'll be having what could be a five year long vacation. It's more important that my over-worked husband gets the time off to be with his daughter and go surfing. Both are equally important for his good mental health.

While at my mother's Cape house we borrow our neighbor, Bob's, Wi-Fi. This is a known arrangement. The only problem is Bob unplugs everything Sunday evenings when he goes back to his year-round home near Boston. I approve of this unplugging practice since his Wi-Fi router would be using energy even if no one was online. However, it means I will be without the Internet during the week.

I'm actually looking forward to this. There's something very liberating about not knowing what's going on in the world unless I turn on the radio or TV. Yes, it means I will have lots of catching up on email and blogging next Friday when Bob turns back on his router, unless I can sneak in an email break while at work. Although I have a feeling I'll leave my lap top off anyway until we're back home. This is because I get a little obsessive about watching my blog traffic tune in from around the world (because isn't it so cool to see how small the world can be?) it will be nice to be forced to give my family 100% of my attention.

And speaking of that family, the smallest member is currently destroying my kitchen so I had better log off and go tickle her. So please send storm swell vibes our way. The surf report looks flat through this weekend....but there's a new tropical storm, Erika, making waves in the Caribbean, hopefully that swell will reach us!


  1. Kate go have the time of your life,enjoy your vacation with family.Blogland can be addictive.Happy holiday!

  2. Kate, I'll miss you, but it's so nice to have the chance to take a vacation from everything. Your blog is so good that there'll be a little hole in my life, but I'll manage until you return. Have a great vacation and take a whole lotta pictures...

  3. Hi Kate,

    Are you still staring at the moon? Well, what can I say...if you needed that vacation then GO FOR IT! Spend quality time for the family, enjoy have fun. We'll still be here after 2 weeks. BTW, I read about the blog traffic and I am so flattered that you considered Philippines as one of the places you wanted to go to. I am telling you, you'll never go wrong.

    Anyway, be safe and we will miss you.


  4. Have a wonderful and relaxing vacation. Enjoy yourself and have a great time.

  5. Wishing you a great vacation filled with excitement & relaxation. Don't worry about what's going on while the router is unplugged...we'll be here! ;) Looking forward to hearing all about it & hopefully seeing pictures as well!

  6. Hope you have fun but I don't know what I'd do without internet access. Yikes.

  7. i hope you have good books, good waves and lots and lots of good eats!
    Get Refreshed!


  8. Have a wonderful time and wishing you good surf!

    There is nothing better than a vacation at the beach, and who needs internet when there is sand, surf, shells, and exploring to do!

    Have a very Moo-y vacation!

  9. Thank you all for your bon voyages! I wish I could take you all with me...if we have WiFi then I can! I will at least take plenty of pictures, hopefully some of me shamelessly wiping out on my surfboard, that will give you all a good laugh ! -kate


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