Sunday, May 24, 2009

"Do you have a flag?"

OK, so I'm not trying to create a blog empire. I do admit, though, I love my FEEDJIT Live Traffic Map. I do. I love logging in every morning and seeing a new flag pop up from somewhere exotic, like Chennai, or even just in the next town, like Topsfield. It's not for egotistical purposes that I like to wrack up another flag. It's just that I find it unbelievably fascinating that someone in Guam is interested in raising snowy owls - do they even HAVE snowy owls in Guam? Or someone in Saudi Arabia in interested in sea lampreys, I'm pretty sure there are no sea lampreys in the desert. Australia logged in for info on rain barrels and North Dakota was wondering about spring peepers. And just this morning someone in Finland was looking for info on organic gardening and Monsanto.

I recently installed this fun little widget on my friends Bev and Ana's blogs. And I'm having even more fun logging into their pages and seeing flags pop up in Bulgaria, Croatia, Malaysia.... One of their daughters even changed my map to the satellite view and was able to see the house of someone who logged into my blog from Beijing! They live right next to the Forbidden City. Now THAT was cool.

This is all a part of my trying to live more mindfully. Now I can really see how one action of mine affects someone all the way across the world. So hello Guam, Portugal, Vietnam, Korea, Australia, Hawaii, The Philippines, Saudi Arabia, China and even Topsfield, Massachusetts. Thanks for visiting!


  1. My widget is the best thing ever! Thank you! But I have to say sometimes it's there and sometimes it's not. Has that happened to you? And sometimes I get booted off for no reason. Is this a widget side effect? I will be reading your Kenya journals asap! Can't wait!

  2. Mine's always there, I wonder if it's because yours is on the bottom of your page? I don't know. I did figure out how to upload video, it's not your computer! it's the way you were trying to do it! I can show you soon!!


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