Saturday, August 15, 2009

A magical carrot harvest

This was the first time I've ever grown carrots. It shouldn't seem magical, but it was. I've never grown anything before that matures underground. Tomatoes, zucchini, green beans, and cucumbers all develop their fruit above ground, so I can see their progress daily.

There's really something magical about planting carrot seeds and seeing the green leafy tops emerge from the soil. Then they stay about the same for many weeks, the whole while there's me hovering, not knowing what's really going on underground. About once a week I'd pull up one just to see it's progress. And every time I did I was always shocked that this amazingly orange thing was under there the whole time, just waiting for me to yank it out of the ground.

Well, I couldn't wait anymore. After about ten teaser carrots I gave in and harvested about a third of the patch yesterday. And man were they yummy! Forty-one impossibly sweet and crunchy organic carrots each about six or seven inches long. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the ones I didn't eat right away, but I'll publish the recipe when I decide. I'm thinking carrot-ginger soup....mmmmmm, I can already taste it!


  1. NOTHING like your own home grown food!! I went to the Farmers' Market today and salivated over the beautiful fresh food. I also tried a cross between a plum and an apricot (with some weird name) that was so wonderful. Fortunately they were very expensive so I couldn't eat enough to get the runs.

  2. Home grown is by far the best, I wish I could get vegetables to grow in our little patch. I might try a raised bed next year just so I can grow some magical carrots.

    Those do look yummy.


  3. It is such personal satisfaction to plant something and then harvest it. We used to grow a vegetable garden and every morning I would check it. I was excited every time I had a yield. It was well worth the time and effort to have fresh vegetables. I understand how you feel.

  4. Yeah, yeah make me more envious hahaha. Do you know that I tried planting root crops and it ended to sad! Maybe I'll seek the help of a professional or seek for magic carrot seeds? Do they start with seeds? Hahaha. Have a happy weekend, Kate.


  5. Darn, these look good.

    Cow hoping at some point to have a little vege patch to call her own.

    Right now Cow has lots o land but it is all spoiled by being overfarmed and won't seem to grow anything but fireants.


  6. I tried gardening once. I don't do too well with plants. They are either grossly negelected or get over watered.

  7. Plum + Apricot = Pluot. Yummy!
    And yes, carrots are magical and always remind me to have a little faith. Every time my dad hovered over me, I said..."don't worry dad, I'm gettin' it. I may screw up this time, but there's always next season..."

  8. I hope those of you who miss having a veggie patch have one again soon. And no, AL, these weren't magical carrot seeds, I wish there were such a thing! They required much thinning to keep them far enough apart to grow. But I've seen carrot "tape" for sale where the paper tape biodegrades and the seed stuck to it is spaced exactly the right amount from the next one. I might try that next year....

    Sunnye, I like the faith comment. Carrots do require a bit of faith huh? there is always next season, I have learned quite alot in my little garden this year...

    thanks for reading everyone! I didn't make carrot ginger soup after all, TOO HOT, I did make carrot, zucchini, purple peruvian potato pancakes and they were YUMMY! recipe soon!


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