Thursday, August 20, 2009

A farm share and kitchen garden recipe: Peruvian potato, zucchini and carrot pancakes

The past two weeks' farm share from Green Meadows has yielded more purple Peruvian potatoes than I know what to do with! Considering I had so many yummy carrots from the garden, and had just picked a nice plump zucchini, I took to the grater and made veggie pancakes. Plus is was too hot to make the carrot-ginger soup I planned on. This was better!

Purple Peruvian potatoes really are purple, as you can see to the right in their grated form with the carrots and zucchini. They're great for baking and worked very well in potato pancakes.

Peruvian potato, zucchini and carrot pancakes:
-about one and a half to two pounds potatoes, grated.
-one cup grated carrots
-one grated zucchini
-one egg
-1/4 cup flour
-dash of salt and pepper

-Heat skillet on medium and add a bit of oil (I used olive, canola is fine too).
-squeeze excess liquid from grated veggies (I just do it in handfuls over the sink, but cheese cloth would work well too)
-mix veggies with flour, egg, salt and pepper
-spoon about one cup of mixture into skillet and flatten with spatula.
-cook about four minutes each side.
-serve with sour cream

Makes about six, and we ate them so fast I never got a photo of the finished product! sorry!

For extra added yumminess heat an oven to 425. With a rounded spoon make an impression in the middle of each pancake and crack an egg into the well. Bake on a cookie sheet lined with parchment for about 12 minutes or until the egg is cooked.



  1. I've not seen the purple spuds round here but I do have a solid ratte which I think will work as well - and I will do the egg thing - mmmmmmm

  2. I have heard of Peruvian Potatoes but I have never seen them. I like the idea of the egg in the middle. Is that your own idea? Do these potatoes taste different from other potatoes? I wonder if regular potatoes would work for this recipe. I would like to give it a try. I really like potato pancakes but the carrots and zucchini would be so healthy to add. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Hmmm I can almost smell it! We also make veggies pancake but we mix it with a bit of pork or chicken. We do banana pancakes and it's the same batter we do like you have in your instructions.
    Happy eating!


  4. sounds good... and doesn't seem like the kind of thing where you would worry about one color touching another...

  5. This sounds really good. Pretty sure you can make them flour-less too, just binding them together with egg.

    Cow makes sweet-potato pancakes and puts walnuts, cinnamon and vanilla in. Those are good too!


  6. okay - i AM coming to your house for dinner! will bring a fine smithfield ham and an apple spice cake to go with the pancakes!

    i suggest we then drive over to T.Cow's house for the sweet potato pancakes.

  7. I don't eat potatoes any more at all, since I've discovered that certain kinds of carbs like to stay with me, and potatoes are one of them. Otherwise, I'd sure love to try this!

    Now none of that is true if I were starving, but here in Bellingham I have to work hard not to eat too much. Thanks, Kate, for the virtual meal!

  8. Oh my goodness - That sounds and looks delicious!
    Thanks for sharing the recipe.
    Hugsss, Susan

  9. Yum. I've never eaten a Peruvian potato, but I'm part Irish and never met a potato that I did not like. Your recipe sounds fabulous.

  10. Lulu: I bet if you looked at one of those fabulous British family farms somewhere there would be a purple potato.

    Rae: I saw the idea of the egg in a Better Homes and Garden magazine a while ago, so I guess I stole that part! :) The potatoes taste just like any other potato, they're just purple!

    AL: I LOVE the idea of mixing in meat, yummy!! And I'll eat banana anything!

    Jon: your comment made me laugh! If you have issues with colors touching then this would not be the meal for you ;)

    Topiary: I bet you could make them without flour, I'll try that next time. and yummy! SWEET POTATOES! I'm still full from sweet potato fried from last night....

    deborah: yummm...haaaaaaaam. AND apple spice cake. Let's have a virtual dinner party! Kansas is so far.....I'm hungry!

    DJan: I bet you could make these without the potatoes, just throw in any veggie you can grate. carrot, zucchini, red pepper pancakes? sounds good too!

    Susan: YOU'RE BACK! I hope everything went OK, it's nice to know you're on your feet again.

    Thanks for visiting everyone, I'll post more recipes as the weeks go on since you all seem to like them! -kate

  11. Lynn: if you're Irish you'll LOVE these! they're like your regular spud but more fun!


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