Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour - tonight and every night

With all this talk about turning off your lights for one hour tonight, which I'm going to do, I wonder why it's just ONE HOUR for ONE NIGHT. I think it should be far far more often than this. Why not make it a Saturday night tradition? Or if Saturday night cramps your style Sunday night? Sunday night was always a family night at my house anyway. Not that I need an excuse to break out the Scrabble board and turn off the TV, we do this all the time in my family.

So sign up for tonight and all the nights when we should be turning off the television and the lights and the wiis and video games and computers and anything else that distracts us from our beautiful world, our children, our pets and all the other things we should be paying more attention to and not less because of this thing called electricity.

Enjoy your hour, wherever you are in the world. Sign up here at Earth Hour:

Sign up for Earth Hour


  1. Here, here! Thanks for participating ... and love your suggestion to do it more often.

    Have a great weekend!

    Small Footprints

  2. I was in Boston getting Emma. it was great to see the Citco sign dark! Also the John Hancock and many other whole apartment buildings. However, MIT was lit up like crazy!!! What is with those guys? I thought for sure they would be in on this. Surly they must know what is going on! Bad nerds, Bad nerds!


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