Thursday, February 25, 2010

Eat yogurt = offset carbon

OK, I know that title sounds kinda silly. Yogurt is produced from milk produced from cows that spew a whole lot of carbon into our atmosphere. But Stonyfield Organic Yogurt, based right near me in Londonderry, NH, has started a rewards program where you can save up points from their containers and redeem them for things like more yogurt, snacks and even carbon offsets.

So I redeemed 25 points just now and offset 1/4 ton of carbon via Native Energy, enough to offset 500 miles of driving, which pretty much covers last weekend's trip to see grandma and grandpa in Westchester, NY. But wait, we still drove about 450 miles, our car producing CO2 the whole way. So what does this mean? According to the Native Energy website a renewable energy offset is explained thus:

For every kilowatt hour of electricity a renewable generator generates, it also generates a one-kilowatt hour renewable energy credit. The generator can sell both commodities together as "renewable electricity" or sell the electricity as "generic" electricity to one buyer and the RECs to other buyers. Legally, it's all about who owns the RECs

The way I see it my redeeming this renewable energy credit is supporting a wind farm, a farm methane gas generator, solar plant or other kind of renewable energy source. Kinda makes me feel good. Think my toddler and I will go eat more yogurt! One more container and I'll have enough points to offset another quarter ton of carbon!!


  1. This is VERY interesting, Kate! I am not convinced that I should start eating yogurt, since I don't now, but I do believe that Stonyfield is a good company!

  2. Um very good idea, I wish we had that rewards program here which sounds like very rewarding for us who are affected by El Nino.


  3. Sorry everyone for taking so long to respond to comments. We have a massive nor'easter Thursday night (kinda like a winter hurricane), damage looks like a tornado hit certain parts of town and we lost power for a while. Power's back up, heat is on and I can get back to catching up on blogging! I just hope my yogurt didn't spoil while the fridge was off :)

  4. i didn't know they did this. i love their yogurt too. congrats!


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